You’re on the hunt for an upholsterer whom you can trust to meet every deadline you throw their way – without ever compromising handcrafted quality.

Our team has the talent and experience to execute large project scopes with extremely short lead times. We are experts in durability and functionality. After collaborating with many designers and owners over the years, we fully understand your passion for excellence and drive for beating deadlines – we’re on the same mission.

  • Ability to provide high volumes of unique pieces – according to your schedule


  • Handcrafted especially for heavy traffic
  • Fix small tears in fabric or worn leather


  • Give existing furniture an entirely new brand


  • Our process: strip bare to access structure; re-glue and re-spring; re-model new frame if required; upholster using highest quality textiles and safeguard authentic materials
  • Access to thousands of designer fabrics and high quality leather


  • Textiles for every project, personality and purpose


  • Preventive maintenance solutions for all fabrics


  • Our protection product builds an invisible shield around each fiber, thereby providing an effective barrier against all kinds of organic fluids, dust or debris that, on unprotected textiles, would result in permanent stain

No project will ever be too big or too small. Our team has vast hands-on experience and thrives on short lead times. We offer one-stop for furniture construction, re-upholstery, fabric sales and protection, so you don’t have to turn anywhere else.

  • Restaurant/Bar/Pub – booths, chairs, lobby areas, etc.
  • Casino – bar stools, poker chairs, game tables, etc.
  • Office – lobbies, boardroom chairs, executive suites, medical offices, etc.
  • Hotel – lobbies, bedroom furniture, pool furniture, exterior furniture, etc.
  • Theatre – lounge seating, theatre seating, sound panels, etc.
  • Shopping Centres – lounge seating, food court seating, etc.
  • Medical, Therapy & Beauty – dentist chairs, patient beds, massage tables, salon chairs, etc.

Our Quality Standards

  • Hand-built, hard wood framing is warrantied for 25 years
  • Highest quality foam on the market
  • 4-way pattern flow matching – we wouldn’t have it any other way

We are confident that once you’ve experienced our craftsmanship, you’ll want to trust only our team with your upholstery projects.

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